Thursday, April 30, 2009

Headed to South Africa...

Every single time I get ready to go back to South Africa, I am full of conflicting emotions. Primed and pumped to accomplish many things in a short amount of time gets the adrenaline pumping. The joy of reconnecting with all the phenomenal people -- the NGO workers, the friends and supporters -- and of course, the incredible opportunity to be with the children once again is exciting. All these things are the stuff that gets my engine running and has me moving a bit more rapidly than normal.

But on the other hand, I'm leaving my kids behind for over 10 days. Having a ramped up mom prior to the trip and a very lagged out one afterwards is difficult and disruptive for them. Then of course, the dreaded packing: Cameras, projector and laptop in the carry-on (ugh!). Dictionaries and wooden toys in with the papers. Huge tubs of JIF peanut butter and Nescafe (don't ask!) in the BIG suitcase (the one that could be a coffin for a good size german shepherd). And of course, don't forget the passport (I almost did once!).

The planning and arranging of the schedule makes me, a normally spontaneous person, a super-controlling type A++! Computer training, computer installation, computer upgrades -- check! Staff meeting, staff training, staff brainstorming -- check! Corporate meeting, corporate training, corporate tours -- check! New site visit, new site development, new site relationship building -- uncheck! How do I fit it all into 8 short days on the ground???

The experience is packed solid, but in the midst of it, I try and spend time reflecting on all the feelings, experiences and insights and capture it all in my blog. So, instead of the "regular" once a week post in this blogspot, I will be updating daily. As much a tonic for me as it is a window into another world for you!

So, start looking for updates beginning on May 7th! I promise!

Thanks for your good thoughts and your support. Comments are a great motivator!



Patricia said...

Dana, thank you for the great training session today. Wow, you are one busy lady and such a blessing to so many. I will send a note to Patricia Evans on your email site. Please give her hugs and kisses from me. Patricia Branham

Dana Gold said...

Thanks, Patricia! Got your email and it will be delivered on Saturday!
I'm the lucky one who gets to give little P. the hugs and kisses from you!