Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Service is the Rent we Pay for Living on this Earth

In a letter to her family, Frances, one of Infinite Family's video mentors writes:

"I am mentoring a South African teenager who has been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. What does that mean? I sign in to a secure website and tell Moses about my week, ask him about his, talk to him about school, about girls, about fighting and problem resolution, about books to read. I am a grown-up that is just his to trust.

Infinite Family's tag line is "The gift is you" This doesn't cost you any money (although donations are always needed). You just have to participate in some online training, get a criminal background check and spend 30 minutes a week engaged with a teenager who has no adult in his life.

...As Thanksgiving approaches, we count our blessings and realize that we have much to be thankful for. Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth. This is a way you can pay up. I certainly get more out of this than I give. You will too."

Service is the rent we pay for living...what a great thought on this week leading up to Thanksgiving. If each of us were to take this thought to heart, we would live our lives knowing that giving back is not an option but an obligation.

So, I invite you to give back (or to use Frances' phrase "pay rent") by involving yourself with Infinite Family. You can do that by giving 30 minutes a week as a mentor or by giving $3 a week as a donor. Either way, your "rent" will make a huge difference in the life of a southern African child growing up alone.

You can learn more about becoming a video mentor and learn how you can make a big impact with a gift to Infinite Family by visiting our website at www.infinitefamily.org.

And if you haven't visited for awhile, please check out our website...brand new and improved!!!

Thanks for reading, for passing this on and for your acts of service this year at Thanksgiving!


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