Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tips for World Cup Visitors to South Africa...from IF Net Buddies!

So much excitement, worry and anticipation has gone into South Africa's preparation for the 2010 World Cup Games.  Will the stadiums be done in time?  Will Gautrain be ready to move the anticipated millions from venue to venue?  Will World Cup fans be forced to live in tents or will hotel space be plentiful?  And moreover, will the visitors to the games be safe?

One of Infinite Family's Net Buddies decided to address some of these issues in a recent blog.  So, if you want some good advice on what to eat, where to visit and how to stay safe, read what Ncesh has to say!

With the World Cup in South Africa maybe some of you are coming here.   So I have some tips for what you should do or not do.  Like any other country, we have some things good and some things bad.

If you like nice food you should buy umnqusho.  That's samp (coarse ground boiled corn) and beans.  Or some meat we call mkqhodi, the meat from inside the cow or sheep.  Or try braai meat (barbequed), steak or pork with pap (boiled corn meal). That is a nice meal for the day.

If you eat early you can buy amagwinya for breakfast.   That's fat cake, polonny (sausage) and chips.  You will be full all morning.

We all know that crime is high in our country so be careful who you ask directions or anything.   The tsostis (criminals) here walk with a Bible so you will think they are good Christian people, but they are not.   They can even pretend to be in danger, or sick, so be careful who you help. I'm not saying you shouldn't help, but be aware.

We have nice places to visit with your family or alone and Durban is one of them.  Capetown is a great city. Also Port Elizabeth is a wonderful place.

Remember don't walk around with lots of cash in your bag or holding your bag with you thumbs.  Make sure that you hold your bag tight in your hand.  

Sit where you feel safe and surrounded by people.  If you don't trust people walk away from them without showing that you are afraid of them.   Try to be calm and confident so no one will think of starting something with you. 

I'm not saying avoid the South Africans or be afraid of us or anything like that, I'm just saying be careful.  Like in your own countries, there are gangsters and crime, so you know what I mean when I say be careful!

 So, take the wise advice of one of the wonderful Net Buddies of Infinite Family and have an incredible time exploring the diverse and vibrant country of South Africa!

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