Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Infinite Family: Changing the world one video conversation...and poem...at a time!

Tekomodise loves writing his blogs on Infinite Family’s Ezomndeni Net.  He writes about kind strangers on the streets of Soweto and his adventures with his friends at school, but recently, when his writing took on an angry tone, Infinite Family video mentor Barbara Scott, grew concerned. 

Barbara knew that Tekomodise would arrive breathless at their weekly video conversations, having run to the computer lab all the way from school.  Barbara knew that their 30 minutes together each week was so precious that Tekomodise didn’t want to miss a minute.

When Tekomodise began to share his sadness and loneliness, Barbara wanted to find something she could give him, some present that would carry him through their time apart to encourage him when he felt most hopeless.

So Barbara wrote Tekomodise a poem.  As Infinite Family’s gift to you this holiday season, we would like to share with you Tekomodise’s present from Barbara, her poem. 

Tekomodise’s Present

There was a young man sitting on the steps all alone,  

He was angry at his life and he did not want to go home.

He felt no one understood him or cared about his needs,

He thought no one cared for him - his anger planted a seed.

A seed of fear, hatred and pain started to grow in his heart,

A feeling of sadness and loneliness seemed to never part.

Until one day God sent his Net Buddy, a forever friend far away, 

To bring the young man love and joy each and every Saturday.

His mentor wants to help him dream big dreams for tomorrow,

Think of all the possibilities of happiness with no more sorrow.

She wants to be there to share with him, experience and teach,

And tell him of all the opportunities that are close - within reach.

She knows that there is hope for brighter days to come,

Because she was once a little girl sitting on the steps all alone.

She had not many friends and a shack that she called home, 

No money for shoes, for games, or for fun.

But one day God blessed her with a mentor to call her own,

He taught her about all the things she could become when she was grown.

He believed in her future, before she believed it herself,

And now she lives her dreams and offers her Net Buddy help.

Dreams do come true, 

Faith replaces fear, 

Tekomodise, my dear Net Buddy, in my heart you are near.

Please consider giving this holiday season to support the relationships between struggling young teenagers in South Africa and generous and kind adults around the world.  Help Infinite Family change the world with one video conversation – and one poem -- at a time. 

 Wishing you and all you love a very joyous holiday season
   from Infinite Family! 

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mrs m said...

awesome!!! so lovely to see such a bond across the miles :)