Thursday, April 14, 2011

Infinite Family Volunteers Appreciated from the US to South Africa!

Zoleka Petse at Tsogang Sechaba Opening
Zoleka Petse, Infinite Family’s South Africa Coordinator, skillfully and confidently steers Infinite Family on the ground in South Africa. “Zo,” as she is affectionately known, is an effervescent and passionate leader who does everything from training the Net Buddies to creating new partnerships to managing NGO relationships and intervening with Net Buddies who need extra love and support. One of Zo’s favorite tasks is working with Infinite Family volunteers and video mentors. 
We asked Zo, in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, to reflect on what makes our Infinite Family volunteers and video mentors so special. 
Despite the many challenges to the program’s growth and smooth operation, Zo is energized by the driven and motivated team of volunteers.  On the hardest days, she keeps going by knowing that Infinite Family volunteers and video mentors bring a smile to so many little faces.
Most of Infinite Family’s Net Buddies live in shacks without running water or electricity, with parents or guardians that are either unemployed, too sick to care for them or dealing with significant family problems. Our video mentors become the children’s lifeline as they cope with these very challenging circumstances. The Net Buddies can share their thoughts, feelings and frustrations with mentors who care.
“I witness a lot of children who have so much sadness and hopelessness in their lives light up every time their video mentor’s name is mentioned” says Zo. “Their eyes shine after their video conversations or when they open an email from their mentor. Watching the Net Buddies as they begin to look forward to the next day with hope because someone cares about them is so inspiring!”
“It is an honor for me to work with such selfless people. I salute all of Infinite Family’s volunteers and video mentors for the wonderful gift they are giving our children.”

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