Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Insipiring Top 10 CNN Hero Award Show

Amy Stokes, CNN Hero, with (from left) Dana Gold, Infinite Family Founding Director of Programs, Lesley Yaniv, IF Video Mentor who nominated Amy for the award and Katy Keck, Chair, Infinite Family Board of Directors.
Although Amy Stokes, Founder and Executive Director of Infinite Family, was not chosen as the top CNN Hero of 2011, she was one of an inspirational few to grace the stage on December 11th during the live broadcast. 

Amy's journey as a CNN Hero would never have happened had it not been for you all:
  • The Video Mentors who spend hours in preparation in order to understand and guide their Net Buddy. 
  • The Net Buddies who show up each week in order to learn and grow and achieve with the guidance of their mentor.  
  • All of you and all of the IF staff and board who pour your hearts and souls into Amy's vision...into this wonderful thing we call Infinite Family.

So we thank you. 

For loyally voting each day and enduring that "captcha" over and over again.
For telling your friends and family and cajolling them to vote, too. 
For all the Facebook posts and emails and postcards you passed out. 
For every hopeful action you took to support Amy's bid for CNN HERO, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Of all the things we saw during the CNN Heroes Tribute Show, one of the most inspiring was to see the faces of our buddies and our mentors beaming full of hope and excitement for all the world to see.  The world knows about their work now.  They are inspiring millions across the globe.

Our Net Buddies really, truly are OUR HEROES. We are so glad that now the world knows, too.

We thank you again.


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