Friday, May 8, 2009

Traveling the World in a Mentor's Heart

As Zoleka and I make our way through the jigsaw of courtyards and pathways that puzzle themselves together into the external space of Realogile High School in Alexandra, I comment to her that every time I come to visit, it is never quiet. Every time I walk the pathways to Infinite Family's little computer center nestled in a corner of this bustling High School, I find children kicking balls, tumbling over one another, hanging around the sidewalks and generally doing everything but sitting in classrooms quietly learning.

Zoleka quick interpretation...just a chuckle.

Then, a bit later, as I stand in a crowded room full of inquisitive faces, and listen to the more seasoned Net Buddies share their experience with Infinite Family, I witness passionate and emphatic testimonials...all in Zulu. The kids are pouring out their hearts and I am desperate to understand! I turn to Zoleka once again, hoping for a quick interpretation.

Zoleka smiles, motions for me to wait. No quick interpretation.

I struggle to pick up one word here and there. A few familiar phrases jump out of the flow: "Advice" I hear. "Improve english", I decipher. "Computers", "VC", "special friend", "share secrets". I begin to think that I don't need to hear every word to know that the children are loving their time with the video mentors of Infinite Family.

But then I hear a few strange words thrown in there. "India". "Many countries". Hmmm? What is Phillip talking about?

This time, Zoleka is quick with an interpretion.

One of our Net Buddies, Phillip, claims that he is traveling the world in his mentors heart. Phillip's life travels have been defined and limited by the boundaries of his little corner of Alexandria. Phillip, a boy who in all his 15 years has rarely ventured past the garbage strewn streets filled with tooting cars, blaring radios, running children and tiny storefronts claims he has now been to India.

Phillip stands before his peers and claims, "I have been with Paul to India, to Germany, to America. I have been with Paul in all his travels because I know that Paul carries me in his heart wherever he goes, every moment of every day."

The quick interpretation? Mentoring through Infinite Family works!

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paul said...


Thank-you for picking up the comment from Phillip. Its great to hear his feedback. I've tried to open up his horizon by sharing my pics from business trips as well as my family, dogs, fish etc. Its also true that I have him in my heart too. I try to talk to him where ever I am.
Again that you for the opportunity


Dana Gold said...

Hey Paul...Phillip loves you and carries you in his heart through the streets of Alexandra. Just as foreign a journey for you as enland is for him!