Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Heart Skip a Bit: A Net Buddy Poem

The Net Buddies of Infinite Family continue to inspire and educate us through their blogs.  I hope you enjoy this entry by Ncesh as much as I do!

This poem came to me on June 16th.  I was looking at the world so united and full of love and hope, and the sound came in my heart.  It warmed my soul the feeling. I cannot explain but it was so good.  I saw every one smiling and so happy.   I remember talking to myself, saying  "I wish it was always like this", and my heart skipped a bit.

Oh, South Africa, did you know that you can be this happy?

When you were beaten and assaulted, called by names, 
did you know that the world will be looking at you 
in a good way and happy for you? Not feeling pity, sorry, sad 
because of the hard times?  

My heart skip a bit.

You are flying high like an eagle, shining like a diamond!

My heart skip a bit.

You make us scream, "Oh!!!!"   
No, our scream is for happiness 
not from guns and teargas.  
The Vuvuzela is not for the toitoi, it's for you.  
We are calling to you.  We say, "Go, Bafana, go!"  

My heart skip a bit.

Nina nisibuyisele ithemba nisimanyile
like a silent rock 
nenza sithethengazwinye. 

My heart skip a bit.

Oh, South Africa, what joy you brought to the world.   
Sonke sithetha ulwimi olunye -- we understand a language that we don't speak.   
Just by the look of their faces,
the vuvuzela, 
the outfits and the songs say it all.

And my heart skip a bit.

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