Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A "Lucky" Surprise from Jessica Alba!

After we were at the park in NYC, we took a walk to Big Niko's where we really enjoy going for dinner. While we were there waiting for our food, Betsy showed us something really interesting. I still can't believe it till this moment. First, Betsy told us that she could fit her whole fist in her mouth and guess what?   She put her whole fist in her mouth and it was so unbelievably amazing that it was stuck in my head to whole night.

So we came back to the apartment and I was still trying to figure out how she could possibly fit her fist in her mouth while typing my blog.  Meanwhile we were waiting for Erin (Betsy's daughter) to arrive from Washington, DC . Then she arrived and we just all sat around the table while she was eating and Betsy asked if she's going to show me my surprise.  Erin asked, "Does Lucky know about the surprise?" and I said "No". So she went to fetch an envelope, but not a normal size one, one just a bit bigger.  Alan went and got the camera and asked Erin to come sit next to me and that made it even worse because I really did not know what was in the envelope.

So at that moment she pulled out a big photo that was taken of me next to my "dream board" in the boy's room at Nkosi's Haven.  On that copy it was written "Lucky never underestimate the power of knowledge. Reach for the stars my friend! Much love Jessica Alba".  I just went crazy!!!  And not only that but as I was busy going crazy, Erin pulled out a photograph of Jessica Alba holding up that photo of me and my dream board that she had written on!  I so could not believe it!!

Erin told me that she had spoken to Jessica Alba and now she knows who I am!! Erin works for The ONE Campaign and met Jessica when they traveled in Africa together.  On my dream board I had a picture pasted of Jessica Alba and I don't really know how to thank Erin for letting the girl of my dreams know about me!  It was just an amazing night which Erin has made for me.  It was really hard to fall asleep after that and I eventualy slept properly at like 4:50.  I guess I was a little too excited.  It was a realy great surprise, I must say.


Susan said...

Lucky, it sounds to me as if YOU are Jessica Alba's Dream Girl! congrats and all best wishes in your travels...

love from Susan at MiWorld.

Dana Gold said...

Thanks, Susan! Lucky is an incredible young person and Jessica Alba gave him a lot of encouragement with her very simple act of kindness.