Monday, October 6, 2008

July 2007 Day 7

Hey ho…back to Nkosi’s Haven Again!

Well, today at Nkosi’s Haven, we had three amazing kids, who a year ago, didn’t know how to navigate a keyboard, installing donated Logitech cameras, downloading scanner software from Canon online and regulating the sound so our new Sennheiser headphones sound as good as they should. All I had to do was coach, encourage and watch. AMAZING!! I even had one of the young people politely tell me that he thought I was doing something wrong when installing the cameras…! “Eh, Dana, don’t you think you should plug in the camera first?” Confidence, skills, an eagerness to learn; all keys to a better future…all emerging due to their desire to talk with and see you each week.

You never knew you were teaching computer skills, did you?

Tomorrow, it is off to Soweto and to meet with the head of the program that distributes ARV meds to HIV+ kids.
Oh, and by the way, we hope the sound will be without reverberation and echoes now and the picture will be brighter and clearer…so thank Christina, Ayanda and Keabetswe the next time you have a less frustrating vc!!!

And as they say in South Africa,

Go well!

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