Monday, October 6, 2008

July 2008 Day 8

Imagine. Just imagine. Imagine being so compelled by the crisis and desperation of the children in your community that you moved rice, toilet paper and donated clothes into your bedroom, an office of volunteers, maize meal and files into your living room and brought a shipping container equipped with a two burner stovetop into your front yard so that you could arrange for 800 children to have two nutritious meals every day of the week. Imagine you are a woman in your late 50’s with limited resources living in Soweto named Tony Gloria and you are now imagining a woman who would do just that.
Today I spent a few hours living in the realm of imagining with Tony Gloria. She showed me the piles of bricks beside the lined up plates of food waiting for the arrival of 200 children into her garden. Those bricks are the promise of a computer center that she is building…which up until four days ago when I first met her, was supposed to be a small, private living area for her. But when Tony Gloria heard the story of Infinite Family, Tony Gloria started imagining. Tony began imagining that small L-shaped building holding 20 computers which would connect all these children of limited future to adults in the US through Infinite Family. Tony began imagining a new future for these children. A future of promise and hope and new skills.

So, let’s imagine with Tony Gloria and all the other amazing heroes we are still to meet and have the honor of assisting in this incredible journey they have undertaken to help the orphaned and vulnerable children of Soweto and Alexandria and Berea. These are amazing people who humble us with their sacrifice, their dedication and their ability to imagine.

Imagine. Just imagine~
I am!


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