Monday, October 6, 2008

July 2007 Day two

Day Two…feels like I never left!

Today is one of the best days of any trip to South Africa…spending time with the women and children of Nkosi’s Haven. What a remarkable place, what lovely children, what a real struggle they live through with such tenacity, love and generousity of spirit. Over 60 children, 8 mothers and four staff members all struggling together to make life work…make gains in retaining their health, make education of utmost importance, make improvements in their relationships with one another and their families….all this work happening in such a tumultuous environment. Never ceasing construction projects, the constant laughter, shouts and arguments of children playing jump rope or marbles or stack the chairs as high as they can go without falling on your head…all that vital life wrapped around the fact that everyone there struggles in one way or another with a deadly virus.

I spent a few hours with the staff of Nkosi’s Haven, incredible women who have given their careers (and they might say their sanity!) over to the care of these families. I was given lots of good information that I can’t wait to share with you…the in’s and out’s of dating, the words they counsel the children with about sex and relationships, and more insight into the rules and structure of their program for our Net Buddies.

Then I spent some time with the newest addition to the Infinite Family staff, our Net Fundi, Christina. This is her first ever job and it is a lot for her to learn…so we are working with Christina to help her prioritize and stick with her responsibilities. Your encouragement and understanding will also be welcome. One of the reasons we chose Christina for this job is because of her complete understanding of the importance of having her Net Family, Liz DeVito, in her life. Christina’s eyes filled with tears as she acknowledged the depth of her gratitude for Liz’s role in her life, and her desire to give the other Net Buddies the same gift of love, understanding and hope by helping to facilitate your relationships with your Net Buddies.

And then, it was out to the courtyard and street to hang out with all your lovely Net Buddies. So many giant hugs and excited squeals of delight! So many stories to tell and laughter. They adore you guys!!! They might not always show it on camera…but these kids are absolutely gaga about you! So, I get to remark over haircuts, inches grown and new attitudes. I am a blessed person indeed.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to take Infinite Family to new programs and new children. Today, I also spoke with three new NGO partners who are all completely captivated by the idea that you have helped bring to fruition…the idea, the concept, that people separated by an ocean don’t have to be separated at all!

And my goodness…I’m freezing down here! Not complaining…but South Africa does get COLD!!!

And as they say in these parts…Go Well!


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