Friday, June 25, 2010

Everything is "Just Ducky" in Pittsburgh...even the Pirates! Another blog by Lucky, visiting Net Buddy

Here I am, having my breakfast and my apple juice.  After that I just hanged around while watching t.v, drawing and patiently waiting for the time to get to 1:30, because this will be the time I will be getting on my first bus here in America and we will be hearding to town.

So we got to the bus stop and took a picture next to the bus stop sign and then continued to wait for our bus. After a few minutes the bus finally arrives and we got on.   Well, it was realy comfortable but they turned the fans on so it started to get a little bit too cool but it was nice. After the nice ride we got to our fist stop which was in the city and we took a walk down to Betsy's work place.  It felt so good to walk again and it was a nice day for that too, I must say.

When we arrived at Betsy's work we first met Susie who works with Betsy.  What a very welcoming woman!  Then I met Joe who also works there and after a minute or so while we were talking, Fred (who Betsy works for) came and he walked up with his hand out to shake mine and he said to me "well you must be from Switzerland right?" but I knew he was kidding.   He gave me a paper weight which had the abbreviation of the name of where Betsy works and it was printed UMF (United Methodist Foundation). He said it is something which should make me remember where I was.  I was realy honoured to have that as a gift. 

Then things just go better, he invited me to step into his office and offered me to sit on his Big Chair and I had pictures taken while I was sitting on the chair and everyone was standing around me and I realy felt like I was the Boss (The Godfather).   I also got to see photos of his children.

I then went to see where Betsy works (her office), and Joe showed me a lovely photo of his family.  Betsy then took me around to where they would have their board meetings.  Then Susie showed me pictures of her family and her grand children too who are twins.   Then she offered me a soda that I had that on my way out because Betsy and I had a Just Ducky Tour to go to.   Then we said goodbye to everyone. 

Well before we went to the Just Ducky Tour we visited an Art institute where these works of art are on display by students.  There were realy amazing work of art there and I know that, because I am an artist myself.

After that we continued with our little walk and the weather seemed to be pretty and we also had to cross a bridge over the Monogehala river.   I asked how old the bridge was and Betsy wasn't sure so she took a photo of me on the bridge.

Then we had to get our Just Ducky Tour and so it finally arrived. We started by passing the bridge we walked over and it was built in 1883, so I guess I got my answer on how old the bridge was.  On the Just Ducky Tour you learn a lot about the area and in this case I was learning a lot about Pittsburgh.  I won't state everything that I have learned but one of the things is that Pittsburgh used to supply and a lot of steel to the world.  I found out that it has produced more steel that Japan and Germany combined during the world wars.  I learned a whole more other stuff as well.

The other thing about the Just Ducky is that it goes on land and also on water.  I think a lot of people were waiting for the time when it gets to the water.  When it got to the river it really floated!  I was the first one in the group to drive it on water.  It was a realy amazing experience!

We then walked back and Betsy called Alan to find out where we should meet him.  We met him where he works.  I got the chance to have photos taken with him at his work place and also got to see his office.  The building is realy tall especialy when you have to look up from the stair cases from the inside.  It is really high.

And so after that we went off to where I had chosen and it was to Mc Donalds (my favourite restaurant).  I ordered a cheese burger but I don't realy know if I had charmed the girl who was taking our orders or what, because she had put down a doulbe cheese burger for me instead of a cheese burger.  Oh well, I just had to enjoy it.

After we were done with our meal we then went to the Pirates Stadium (PNC Park) to watch a baseball match.

We then watched the game and we had a beautiful view of the city as well so it was really awesome.  The Pirates weren't winning and we were just hoping to at least see a home run by the Pirates, because apparently there will be fire-works going off.   After a while one of the Pirates players hit a home run and we got to see the fire-works and it was so beautiful!  Alan took a few pictures of that as well and once we were done watching the game outside the stadium there are statues of the legends of which used to play for the Pirates. I also got a photo taken in front of one statue and I think his name was Roberto if I'm not mistaken.

Then we got back home to get ready for New York..........

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