Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucky to be Lucky in the USA!

As promised, I am going to share some of the blogs the Net Buddies are posting to the Ezomndeni Net about their experiences here in the US visiting their video mentors!  Today I am sharing some excerpts from Lucky's blog.  Enjoy!

First thing when I woke up was that the weather was ok and both Betsy and I had planned to go to the zoo for the day but then we thought what if it rains, because it wouldn't be a good day at the zoo if  at had to rain and so we had to let that one pass but we then we decided to do something even nicer which is ice skating.... ooooh and well on our way there we stopped at the post office to post a few things and I finally got a photo taken next to a post van which I think is really fun, because every time when I am in South Africa and I am watching an American movie I would laugh every time they would show a mail van and so it was really great to have a picture taken next to one.

We continued with our journey to the ice skating place and on our way we were talking about how long it has been since we've ice skated and so we were actually nervous of basically falling on the ice but I guess it was too late for us to change our minds then and so we got there, got our ice skates and took some pictures before getting on the ice and then we finally go on the ice and we then started ice skating and none of us were balancing against the side which I think was really good after we have both never been ice skating for a long time and it seemed like it was our day, because there weren't many people ice skating, so we basically had the place to ourselves which was really fun.

We then came back to get Betsy's coffee mug and we got to this other "drive thru" where she just said bottom-less mug and she got her mug filled with coffee and she did not pay a thing.  I was really amazed and she explained to me everything and she said that she had paid $120 which is like +-R800 and she got the mug and she can go to that place and order coffee' as many times as would like for a whole year and I think that is great because I love..... coffee but I haven't had any since I came here.  I just stuck to apple juice which I also adore and I basically just decided to stay faithful to my South Africa coffee.

And so after the coffee we went down to the grocery store to get a few things, because we were having dinner with some of Betsy's family and we also got more of these other candy which I got addicted to and their a mixture of sweet and sour candy.  I love candy and so while we were at the store Betsy showed me this other way of paying for your grocery and you basically scan the products you've purchased yourself and you then pay and I think that is really awesome to do that yourself.

We came back from the store and Betsy started preparing things for dinner and hoping the weather doesn't change, because she wouldn't have liked it if it was possible to have dinner outside.   I was drawing and it was my first time that I had time to do anything normal so I then asked Betsy if she could put on for me cartoons for me so I drew a little and while waiting for dinner.
Then the time came when everyone started coming in and I met Betsy's father and apparently he worked at Kennywood for sometime and we spoke about that. He and his fiance had brought me a card with some money to spend while I'm in Pittsburgh and I think that was really generous of them.  They are really nice people I must say and, Betsy's brother (Bruce) , Betsy's sister in-law (Melissa), and their children Kelly and Kevin came and they and gifts for me they got me a whole kinds of different types of candy (which I don't know how am I going to start eating them) and a hockey t-shirt of a very good hockey player who plays for a team in Pittsburgh and his name is Crosby.  I also play hockey, so it was a really nice present for them to give to me.

We sat outside to have our dinner and we also have a very delicious dessert and we saw a couple of light bugs which Kevin and I tried to catch but there were so many so we did not get any which is ok I guess.   I really appreciate the time and effort that everyone took to meet me and for Betsy and to introduce me to her family, which I think was really great.  At the end I think everyone was tired including me because of how we had laughed so much.  I must say that Betsy has a very funny family especialy Kevin and Betsy's brother Bruce, actually everyone there had a great unique sense of humour. 

I still haven't figured out how am I going to start eating all of that candy! 

But well that was my day with Betsy's family!

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